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Exterior House Painting in Toronto


Exterior Painting Service in Toronto

If you are looking for an expert to paint your house, we are the best professionals for exterior Painting Our Toronto painters have all the perquisite qualification and experience to work on any size or type of housing Painting task. Our success as a Painting firm is as a result of our service, care and the attention to details we put in every task. We have a strong believe that communication is a great factor to happy customers. Therefore, we ensure that we involve our clients from the start to the end of the exterior Painting project. Throughout the task, we set clear expectations for our clients and we make sure that the expectations are met with high level honesty and integrity. Our experts do not just work on the project given by the clients. We have set an approach that should be followed by all our painters whenever they are working on any project. They first carry out a thorough assessment to understand all what is required. We then follow a systematic approach that allows us to give the results you expect according to the exterior painting needs of every house. toronto-painting We stand up among other painters because we apply a wide range of processes for your house exteriors to guarantee the best results. If you have just completed building your new house or require your house to be repainted so that it can look new and improve its appearance, you can depend on us to offer you the best painting  Our professionals have the required skills to paint both new and old houses. One of the factors that has made us gain a competitive edge over others is the fact that we have managed to paint old houses that now look new. The rate of referrals in the company is very high because of the high quality Toronto Painting we offer to our clients. Our Toronto painters can finish Painting the exterior of your house within the stipulated in an efficient and professional manner. In all projects we follow these steps to ensure that our Toronto Painting services are sustainable. Cleaning The first thing we do is to clean the surface to be painted either by hand or power washing. This is a crucial step in any Painting project because all the dirt that may make the paint fail to stick to the service is removed completely. Surface preparation For effective Painting project, the surface to be painted must be prepared thoroughly. We scrap any old paint to ensure that the surface is ready for new Painting    In case there are gaps that exist on the surface; they are all filled to prevent paint penetration. Painting Our painters will then paint the surface with high quality paint in an effective manner to ensure there is a uniform finish. Evaluation After completing the Painting project, we invite our clients to do evaluation in order to ascertain whether the project meets their expectations.
Interior House Painting in Toronto

Experts in Home and Office interior Toronto Painting

Paulo's Painting has been painting homes in Toronto for over 7 years. Are you thinking of repainting your home? Are you faced with the problem of looking for affordable experienced workforce for the task? Well, you have just come to the right place. We have highly skilled and experienced personnel for home and office interior painting tasks. We offer high end solutions for interior painting jobs at a relatively affordable price. We have a great design team which is highly experienced and skilled, our team will help you through the various stages of the project which begins with selecting the perfect colors for your home. The right color sets can transform your living space to be more than just a home. During the selection mode, we put into consideration the lighting conditions of your house coupled with the space and help you to pick out a unique color which would suite your personality and accentuate your living space for optimal elegant look. Repainting your house should be a priority rather than a necessity. Listed below are some reasons as to why you should consider repainting your home. Though there are many factors to consider, I will just list three top reasons just to help you make your mind on the issue at hand. painting-toronto Top three reasons why you should consider doing an interior Toronto Painting job on your house. (i) Brighten up your living space: Paint always becomes dull with time, repainting your living space is always a great idea because it will give your house a simple and elegant feel plus it will also enhance your interior decor. A Good paint job will leave you to be the envy of your peers and give your house the new home feel which is a great solace from a hectic day under the sun. (ii) Cover up the crack, dents on your walls: This will be the opportune time to repair your wall and give it a buff that it has rightfully deserved. When doing a repainting job, we will cover up all the dents, cracks and unnecessary holes from a picture frame hook that was removed of fell. Simply give your house an inexpensive face-lift. (iii) Raises the value on your house: A great interior painting job will increase the saleability of your home and also the appeal. you will have covered the stain that was always nagging you and at the same time make it easier to clean your walls. Above all a new paint job will in totality protect the wall surfaces from wear and tear and increase the lifespan of your interior. We offer inexpensive solutions to your interior painting problems which is also a great factor to consider. When you choose or services, we shall help you pick out the best colors for your interior decor for the various rooms, with a wide variety of color schemes your choice is unlimited. Your home should be a safe haven, After a long day of work, you need a relaxing environment which will most definitely be your home. The right combination of colors coupled with ambient reflection of light, will brighten up your home to be the perfect fit for you to relax. A good interior Toronto painting job will work wonders in your house, with the right team of experts in the field you could achieve this feat within a small time-frame and within your budget. Don't hesitate to contact us at (416) 854-4360 if you need us if you need a painting Toronto company.
Entrance, Screen & Patio Doors in Toronto

home-exterior1_painting2Your entrance and patio door panels require application of paints with excellent blocking resistance and other important properties. We take the hassle of working to meet such requirements out of the homeowner’s mind because our experts have perfected the art of selecting the right paints for that purpose. Use of high quality paints for entrance and patio doors painting is extremely necessary. This helps to make sure even extreme weather elements do not result to any issues that can ruin the desired looks. The entrance to a home must be beautifully finished to meet the homeowner’s style needs, so we therefore do not compromise on our painting services in any way. Our team of experts also selects the right type of entrance and patio door paints depending on the materials they are made of. For instance, the requirements of a fiberglass door paint job are definitely different from those of a wooden door paint job. Even the preparation of each of those door surfaces before painting is done doesn’t follow the same criteria. Our experts also understand both exterior paint and interior paint requirements and the number of coasts required for each paint job. We apply paint layers on entrance or patio doors to the right thicknesses, making sure to preserve any grain texture contributing to aesthetic quality. Whenever you need application of quality interior paints on walls and ceilings, or painting done on door panels of your entrance or patio, we have the solution tailored to meet your needs. Our expertise also covers the drywall and plaster repairs, which also goes a long way in ensuring the final execution of our interior paint job is perfect.

Wall & Ceiling Painting in Toronto

home-interior2_paintingOur painting services guarantee perfection when it comes to working on the walls and the ceilings. We do a detailed preparation before applying the required coats of paints to bring out the desired interior style. Wall and ceiling painting also has to be done the right way in order to optimize the protection of the underlying building materials. Depending on the current state of your home’s walls and ceiling, our team of experts fixes all the imperfections to make sure the interior painting job is done to last. If your building walls and ceiling are old, we know that might present a myriad of challenges. The good news is that we are always equal to those challenges. At the initial stage of the painting project, we make proper estimates to make sure the job is done on time and budget. Our expert painters are extremely reliable in bringing your imaginations to life through unlimited options in paint types and colors for your interior walls and ceiling. With our free color consultation using the best tools in the industry, there is absolutely no hassle in choosing the colors you like for your interior style. We are skilled in producing a wide range of textures and patterns for your ceiling and walls to achieve the desired degree of roughness and aesthetic finish. The application of all these features with our excellent painting service meets even the most demanding project requirements. For the convenience of our clients, we execute our interior painting jobs professionally while strictly adhering to the best practices in the industry. Helping you to make the right decisions from the beginning to the end of the project guarantees the most satisfying outcomes. Whatever decoration elements or special effects you need to see applied on your walls and ceiling, we make it happen to achieve the style of your dream.
Drywall and Plaster Repairs in Toronto

home-interior3_paintingBefore the application of wall paint, our experienced team of experts also provides any drywall and plaster repairs services required. This gives us an excellent opportunity to fix all the imperfections on the wall to make it ready for Toronto painting and at the end realize great results. If your drywall or plaster has developed problems such as holes, stress cracks due to structure settling, water damages from a leaking roof or plumbing, we fix it all to give your walls a new lease of life. This is proof that our experts go beyond simply preparing the wall surfaces of a building for new paints. Since we have a commitment to do a professional interior painting job that is guaranteed to have a long life, the best opportunity to achieve that is to begin with any drywall or plaster repairs you might need. Whenever you are considering undertaking a home improvement project with a requirement to repair poor surfaces before application of paints, make sure you work with our experts. We have been providing these services for many years and our clients have given positive testimonials. We have a comprehensive communication strategy that we use to effectively engage our clients from the beginning to the end of any project we undertake. Repairing the drywall or plaster must be done the right way if the life and look of your interior is to be maximized. Any popping nails, wall scars, drywall tape that is loose, damages from water leakages or any other imperfection, cannot be hidden by simply applying a coat of paint. Our experts have the know how and follow the right procedures in fixing such issues before the application of any finish coats of paint. When it comes to repairs required for plaster walls of older homes in Toronto, the myriad of challenges presented require a very careful handling and therefore greater expertise is necessary. We have previously helped many homeowners with such requirements and successfully repaired and painted their walls resulting to beautiful finishes.